The French virtuoso appears to be able to do almost anything he wants at the keyboard. (The New York Times)

« Jean-Philippe Collard is an outwardly quiet performer who does not go in for heart-on-the-sleeve emoting. Instead, he develops his interpretations thoughtfully, establishing a mood or building a dramatic climax almost without one’s being aware of what is happening. As a result, the music seems to live a life of its own, almost independent of the pianist’s ministrations, which is as it should be ».
(The New York Times)


Rigour is the key concept in Jean-Philippe Collard’s style, which may seem like a fantastic paradox when one discovers the imagination of his interpretations. The beauty of his pianism conjures up a sensual, fragrant and delicate Spain. Into this atmosphere come the popular Goyescas, almost improvised and as if sung by the voices of an imaginary opera!

La rigueur est le maître mot du style de Jean-Philippe Collard, ce qui peut apparaître comme un fantastique paradoxe lorsque l’on découvre l’imagination de ses interprétations. La beauté de son piano fait imaginer cette Espagne sensuelle, parfumée et délicate. Apparaissent alors des Goyescas populaires, presque improvisées et comme chantées par les voix d’un opéra imaginaire !

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